Children’s Cultural Arts

Hebraica Cultural Arts Program combines the Fine Arts such as Painting and Ceramics, as well as Music with Private Piano Lessons. Also check out Musical Theatre Classes, and learn how to cook like the professional chefs you see on T.V. with our Be A Chef Class.

Taught by popular teacher and professional artist, Miryam Adatto, these classes offer painting and ceramics beginning with grade PK3, and up to grade 5.
Private Piano lessons with Instructor, Alexandra Broyde, accomplished piano teacher. Lessons are based on 1/2 hour class. End of the year “Recital” showcases the learning that has taken place throughout the program year. For grades K and up. Check page 23 of the Program Guide for days, times, and pricing.

Learn the secrets of Culinary Art and prepare incredible dishes, treats, and special foods for Jewish holidays.Instructor: Jenny Mermelszteyn Moscatel, MAR-JCC’s year-round Ass’t Camp Director & Maccabi Tzair Coordinator – well known for her culinary delights.For grades 1-5.