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In addition to the diverse menu of classes, programs, workshops, sports leagues and clinics, and special events that we offer (combined with a wonderful health and wellness center), the Michael-Ann Russell JCC is becoming more than a hub for ACTIVITY, but a SOCIAL hub as well. Since opening in September, Kosher Subway has become a popular gathering place for those who wish to sit and socialize over a six inch or foot-long sandwich. Come Spring, with the addition of Elsie’s Café and the Waxman Family Deck, the Kablisky Lounge, the Alter Assor Indoor Play Area, and the Finvarb Park, our MAR-JCC will provide numerous gathering points for friends and families to simply sit, schmooze, and enjoy a bite to eat during the course of the day.

Our successful efforts, to date, are attributable to a hard-working and devoted staff, a dedicated corps of volunteers who assist us from the Committee to the Board level, and to you, who utilize the MAR-JCC for social, cultural, educational, and recreational purposes. Without your support, we could not have grown to where we are today and with your continued support, we will be able to expand our programming and facilities in order to meet the growing needs of the North Miami-Dade and surrounding community.

We therefore need your involvement to help us to grow so that the MAR-JCC will remain a vibrant CENTER of Jewish communal life…not only for this generation, but for generations to come.

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